4 Reasons Why Enhle Mbali is hated over mocking Black Coffee’s disability


Enhle Mbali liberately posted an insensitive video that appeared to be dissing ex-husband Black Coffee’s disability.

Enhle Mbali is being hated by Mzansi for mocking Black Coffee’s disability in a video. Mzansi’s reaction to Enhle Mbali is considered as justified after she deliberately posted an insensitive video that appeared to be dissing ex-husband Black Coffee’s disability.

Reasons why Mbali is being hated by Mzansi over Black Coffee disability mockery

1. The reason why Enhle Mbali is being hated by fans over Black Coffee mockery is that she indirectly insulted those who are handicapped. Her cruel gesture towards Black Coffee showed a lack of compassion towards disability. She continues to receive backlash on Twitter by fans to apologize for her mockery.

2. She is a bully. Enhle Mbali has always been a bully towards ex-husband Black Coffee and is still failing to heal from their divorce. When Black Coffee left Mbali, he left visible emotional scars on Mbali’s heart. They agreed to co-parent their two children, but it is still difficult for Mbali to move on. This shows through her efforts to diminish and humiliate Black Coffee and make him feel inferior because of his disability.

3. The handicap looks weird. Enhle Mbali implies that being handicapped looks weird. Mbali’s actions suggest that she treats Black Coffee’s handicap as if it was his choice. No one chooses to be disabled but Mbali makes it look like Black Coffee chose to be disabled and makes fun of him for that.

4. She is rude. Enhle Mbali who is now nicknamed as “the queen of pettiness” posted a video justifying her mockery and insulted fans by calling them stupid. Although the hand she used to mimic Black Coffee was a movie prop designed by a local makeup artist, she should just have apologised when fans highlighted how insensitive her video was.

Enhle Mbali should just apologize for her actions towards disability. At this moment, even drinking a cup of black coffee will be viewed as a mockery towards her ex-husband.

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