Two fuel tankers collided near Pyramid Motel in Van Reenens Pass N3

Two fuel tankers collided near Pyraminds Motel in Van Reenens Pass N3. The N3 Toll Concessions’ Con Roux says the truck experienced mechanical problems and had pulled off of the road.

“The vehicle caught fire and the truck trailer carrying fuel raptured, causing fuel to run across the road whilst on fire and actually caused a further 4 trucks traveling in the opposite direction to catch fire.,” he says.


Roux says emergency services worked through the night to extinguish all 5 truck fires and fortunately no-one was injured or killed in the incident.


However, the N3 towards Durban will be closed for most of the day with a contraflow arrangement in place.


Roux advises motorists to avoid the rea on Monday if at all possible.

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