Prince Kaybee is retiring from Music

At only thirty years old, DJ extraordinaire Prince Kaybee is certain that by the time he hits age 40, he will have accomplished all of his goals in the entertainment industry.

In Mzansi, the DJ’ing scene has an array of over forty-year-olds that are still making us break into dance – proving that there’s no Madala here!

Prolific DJs such as Kenzhero, Black Coffee, Oskido, Christos, Da Vinci and more, are still at the forefront of music. These okes are largely classified as pioneers in the DJ’ing fraternity in SA.

Therefore one can’t help but wonder what could have propelled Prince Kaybee to come to that decision, unless if he will do his research about other outlets within the realm of music that he could venture into, post 40.

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