Video: Nigerian artist Pretty Mike shows off his 6 pregnant girlfriends


Controversial Socialite, Pretty Mike and his extremely weird outing inventions are something to always talk about. But this one in particular is causing commotion among social media users.

Pretty Mike hardly steps out without making a statement, but this outing is extremely weird and creepy.

He attended the wedding of Williams Uchemba with 6 heavily pregnant women or babymamas who wore identical outfits all glammed up and smiling, like what the ….!!!

Internet is buzzing right now as everybody seem to be talking about it. While some are bashing Pretty Mike, most others are cussing the ladies out for aiding Pretty Mike’s madness. While a few others are questioning if Pretty Mike impregnated all 6 women?

What is more baffling is the motive behind these weird outings, from Ladies in chains being led like dogs to this? Where does he recruit these ladies from though?

One can only wonder what Williams Uchemba’s reaction was when Pretty Mike walked in with the 6 pregant women, the look on Williams face will definitely be epic!

Watch video Below:

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