Budget of R80,000 built me a home man testify


A man from Seshego Limpopo has testified that building a house without a good budget is also a way to go. His statement raised many peoples eyebrows that how come he says it is possible to build under budget.

From his side of the story the man showed how he built his house with less money and made it big to the game. His dream was true and his home was built successfully without spending much amount of money. Buying materials he spent R15000 on blocks then later cements which cost R5000 three pallets.

Then R30,000 on labour costs which he hired local builders to start with the project from start to finish, his house was erected in less than 3 months. The advice he gave on the post was that everything is possible if you set your mind on it start small and go big dreams will be achieved at all times.

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