Zodwa Wabantu’s Shows off her pubic hair picture breaks the internet

Controversial entertainer Durban based Zodwa WaBantu beaks the internet with a controversial pubic hair picture.

Zodwa Wabantu who in the lockdown turned to a fitness bunny received mix reactions after sharing an image in one of her gym poses, standing by her hands.

Lockdown controversy is not knew to Zodwa who in the lock down separated from her Ben 10 boyfriend and got engaged in questionable endorsements.

Last year Zodwa WaBantu was bashed for not shaving her pubic hair, a move she described as a personal choice and has many health benefits.

She also added that it is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.

An article by Cosmopolitan also suggests that having pubic hair can actually make intercourse more pleasurable for you and your partner.

Zodwa WaBantu Pubic Hair Picture
Posted on Instagram, the picture was captioned

It’s Friday Zodwa Wabantu👑 Amashishi Amancane😂😂😂Not Chiskop

” I am a queen of confidence, and not ashamed of the body that God gave me, showing some parts uncovered is a sign of self confidence. Women must not be ashamed of themselves, go out there and be yourselves, that’s what Zodwa is all about,” she said.

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