[Must Read] Land expropriation includes the land under your bonded house

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema says land expropriation without compensation will include land on which bonded houses have been built.

Speaking to the media in Braamfontein on Thursday‚ Malema said land would become the main condition for the ANC if it wants to get support in 2019.

He said the party wishes the ANC support would drop enough to need the EFF to rule.

He then dismissed fears that investors would run away if the state would take land from citizens in the implementation of land expropriation without compensation.

“We wrote a parliamentary question to all departments asking them how many hectares of land they own and what it is used for. The same goes to the province and municipalities.

“We want to prove one thing – people say when the land is in the hands of the state‚ there will not be investors. It is a myth. It is wrong. Most of the state-owned land has actually been leased out and people are investing in it. Knowing they are not owning it‚ yet they put money in it‚” Malema said.

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