Drunk Cop Humiliated On Social Media


Wow! How drunk can a police officer be when he literally falls out of the police bakkie! We’re is his partner? Also more honorably we’re is his firearm? Social media is currently a buzz with questions after a drunken cop was recorded, drunk on duty inside a police vehicle, getting accosted by citizens, for being so drunk in uniform that he couldn’t even stand on his own two feet. In the video the South African police official, is seen struggling to get back into his vehicle after attempting to talk to neighborhood citizens, because he couldn’t stand any longer. The video is presently going viral on social media.

The cop who’s alleged to be Constable Tshabalala at Wolmarans stad, in the North West, South Africa has allegedly since been arrested for drunk, driving and negligent driving also another case of using state vehicle without consent has also allegedly been opened against the police drunken master, because he allegedly didn’t have authority to drive. This has caused South Africans to ask alot of questions about their safety on social media, begging the question if this shining star police officer is the only one, or the only one to be caught.

The South African police services main objective is to serve and protect, but it seems that there are also other perks to their job description, like drinking and driving under the influence. The heroic cop has since been getting heavily dragged on social media by his ill discipline and weak conduct.

See video Below:

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