Proudly South African: Hendrick Chebanga wows social media with handmade sports car


– Hendrick Chebanga has managed to impress social media users with his innovative creations
– The 31-year-old Hammanskraal resident built a sports car using recycled plastic and scrap metal
– Now, Chebanga has called on the South African government to act fast and help him become the first African to manufacture a car by hand in Africa

More often than not, South Africans, and African people in general, are underestimated when it comes to innovation.
Groundbreaking engineering, especially in the automotive industry, is often associated with international countries.
However, one man is proving that South Africans have what it takes to compete with the rest of the world.

Hendrick Chebanga, who hails from Hammanskraal, recently wowed social media users with his latest invention- a handmade sports car called the Cyclone Chebanga.

Speaking to iReport SA News, Chebanga opened up about his latest project and the difficulties he had to overcome to complete the Cyclone Chebanga.

According to the 31-year-old engineer, it took him roughly seven months to build the sports car. However, he did admit the lack of resources, such as enough funds and materials, slowed down the process.

Chebanga added the production time would have been cut down to just two months if he had all the resources he needed from the start.

Chebanga revealed his passion for innovation began when he was just four-years-old. He quickly realised he had a knack for engineering.

So, he pursued his dream in engineering but a lack of finance made it tough to take on a large project.

Chebanga told iReport SA News he refused to give up, so, he started manufacturing toys and selling them to generate capital for a larger project.

He has since called on the South African government to help him because it would benefit the entire country in the future.

Chebanga said his handmade sports car can compete with some of the best machine manufactured motor brands in the world.

We look forward to seeing the great successes Chebanga achieves in the future with his groundbreaking inventions.

iReport SA News