Leaked Chats Between Step-mom and Step-son that Got the Father Admitted into Hospital.


We are dealing with many issues these days. Amongst these issues is murder, kidnapping, infidelity, witchcraft and many more.

Today we will be talking about infidelity. There is a leaked whatsapp conversation of a step mother and a step son. This is one suprising conversation because under no grounds would a mother be discussing such things with her son.

On this leaked whatsapp conversation, the mother texts the son first informing him that she is missing him. The mother is saying that she misses the boy, the clock is approaching 11 at night. One can start being suspicious from the two points I have mentioned.

One cannot think that this is an innocent conversation between a mother and a son. As we see more of the conversation, we see that the two have been up to no good and the son is, for some reason, mad.

The son is feeling used by his step mother. It seems like he has been giving more than he was getting in their ‘affair’, if i may call it.

The problem is that the boy’s age is not known. We cannot tell whether they are both wrong or he does not know what he is doing as a young boy.

However, I feel like as much as they are both wrong, the mother is the one to be blamed. As we can see, she is the one encouraging the whole thing.

Who do you think is wrong here?

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