WATCH!! SA Taxi Driver Caught On Act With A Lady Near The Road


See a South African Taxi driver who was caught having an intercourse with a lady on the side on a road while his taxi is parked.

South Africa had become a sight of disgrace and disappointment, recently we been seeing strange things that were not suppossed to happen like things that can be prevented from happening. Firstly it was a school girl wo was hardly crushed by her school mate and now its a driver having an act near the side of a road while he has a taxi opened.

Why didn’t they enjoy themselves in a taxi?

This shows so much disrespect and disguisting. They looked around but didn’t see anyone and they continued with their act. But infact there was someone recording them. Even if they were doing their intercourse but they continuously looked around without seeing anyone. This video was than posted on Twitter which left too many people shocked.

See video below.

People won’t respect these people again especially the driver because he showed a high rate of disrespect. A taxi owner will no longer be respected and also people won’t like to use the taxi.

If you’re a taxi owner, what were you going to do if your driver did this?

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