Video: Witbank sex predator filmed bonking someone’s wife inside car

A Witbank based sex predator ran out of luck as his shenanigans have been exposed after he was filmed having sex with someone’s wife inside his car.

The woman in the video is reportedly cheating because his husband works outside Witbank and is always away.

“She’s cheating because he’s husband doesn’t have a enough time,” said an informant who sent the video to Savanna News.

Reports indicate the man has been involved in a number of love triangles in Reyno Rigde. He is seen with many women in the area.

Watch the videos below:

Signs your lover might be cheating

Here are the signs that your lover might be cheating you.

He or she calls you by another name in bed.

If you lover calls you by another name in bed, make no mistake about it. Its a definite sign that he or she is cheating with another person and you need to make a decision at once. Don’t wait to be convinced because there is no such mistake.

He/She doesn’t want you to do the laundry

If they no longer want you to do the laundry is a sign they are hiding something. There are chances your lover is cheating you and you need to take action.

He/She’s treating you more like a friend than a lover

If you are being treated like a housemate or just a friend just know that your lover no longer affectionately love you. They are just with you to keep up appearance and because it is not easy to leave.

She’s staying late at work—often

If your spouse often comes late from work you have every reason to believe something is not right and you must investigate independently.

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