South Africa enters Top 20 of Total confirmed COVID-19 Cases Worldwide with 83 890 cases


South Africa’s number of positive Covid-19 cases has surpassed the total number of cases in China, where the pandemic is believed to have begun. South Africa is now featured in Top 20 list of countries with the most coronavirus cases in the world.

SA Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize announced Thursday evening: “ As of today, the cumulative number of confirmed #COVID19 cases is 83 890, the total number of deaths is 1737 and the total number of recoveries is 44 920.”

According to the countries with the highest number of cases recorded are:


  1. USA – over 2 Million (2 255 271)
  2. Brazil – 965 512
  3. Russia – 561 091
  4. India – 381 091
  5. UK – 300 469

After south Africa passed china on the list, one Twitter user warning said: “Beijing had 158 new cases in the last week. They shut down all schools, canceled most flight, placed high-risk neighborhoods on lockdown. South Africa had 24 991 cases in the last week. We’ll open restaurants, Hotels,Cinemas, casinos, ect

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