Advanced Level 3 Lockdown: Sit Down Restaurants, Shisa Nyamas And Hair Saloons Will Open

Advanced Level 3 Lockdown: Sit down restaurants, Shisa nyamas and hair saloons will open.

Government is considering implementing Advanced Level 3 in its level structured lockdown approaches. Advanced Level 3 will see opening of sit down restaurants, personal care services, car washes and shisa nyamas.

Minister of Small business development Khumbuzo Ntshavheni says the decision to allow sit down restaurants to operate was necessitated by inadequate relief funds to further support businesses.

“The impact on the economy was severe and we went to cabinet after the survey was done and said we don’t have enough relief measures to support small businesses.

“We are better off supporting businesses as they come back to the economy because now you are dealing with the viability of businesses,” says Minister Ntshavheni.

Advanced Level 3: Business must adjust to a new normal

The minister says the plan is to support businesses to adjust to operating under the new normal.

“Our argument is that, when you support businesses that are not operating, you are just throwing money away. When you support businesses that are operating you are making them more viable.

“You are making them adjust to the new normal because we are going to live with [Covid-19] forever so sanitising, social distance, handwashing and all those other things that are protective have to become the norm.”

The minister revealed that the government is planning to open credit lines for small business, help them to get training and certificates in Advanced Level 3.

Minister Ntshavheni calls for the need to open the economy as the virus is not going away anytime soon. She encouraged the economy to adopt a more hygienic way of conducting business.

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