Lenn Moleko says goodbye to Podcast and Chill with MacG

Retired Sport broadcaster Lenn Moleko left Podcast and Chill fans and the host MacG in shock when he drops a bomb at that we were not ready for. Announcing the news that he will no longer be part of the Postcast anymore.

“So I have a situation, due to unforseen circumstances work related. I am unable to can going forward..(as in like) I need to leave the Podcast.” – he said


During that podcast and chill MacG and Ghost Lady were shock thinking that he is joking.

“I found out about this on Friday because I had a chat with the powers that be. So I need a weekend to think about this whole situation”

“On the real, like to all subscribers, everyone who comes to party, Twittes, and what’s app. It been an amazing year actually cos we are almost about to hit the year it been an amazing journey guys like I got to meet so many people and learn so much.”


” They are things that I say obviously would put certain people that I work with and the company in trouble. So I have to go.” – Lenn

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