‘5 years installments for a car I don’t have,’ Young graduate forced to pay for stolen car


In a sad development that has gripped Mzansi social media, a young graduate will be forced to pay monthly installments for a car he doesn’t have.

The young professional Lefa Heritance Mabula revealed that his month old car was stolen from his home just three weeks after he went to show his parents.

He narrated his story on Facebook and his post attracted over 700 shares and over a thousand comments.

“I remember kadi 17th of August 2020 when I bought my very 1st brand new car yeap last month guys. On the 22nd I drove home to surprise my parents lol and ne bale happy yang for me lenna kele happy gore yooh finally after 5 years of hard work, 5 years of struggle I finally bought myself and my family point A to B skorokoro someone decided to rob my hard work and take everything that I worked hard for, yes I know ke POLO but thats what I worked hard for. I parked my POLO Friday night(29/08/2020) at around 21:30 I was so tired from work, took a bath and went straight to bed, Saturday morning my caretaker woke me up at around half 7 in the morning(30/08/2020) only to find out that my car was stolen,” Mabula wrote.

Mabula says the bad part of his sad story is because he had not started paying monthly installments.

“What hurt me the most is I will be paying 5 years. 5 years for a car that I don’t have , I will paying 1st installment this end month to a car I only drove for one week. Ke life,ya iragala I just have to accept and move on,” he continued.

Some of his friends on Facebook have urged him to traditionally solve his problem, by visiting sangomas and prophets who can cast a bad spell on the thief.

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