Video: Mzansi bless fuel attended Wiseman after humiliation by a customer


South Africans chipped in to restore dignity and a smile on Siphamandla Wiseman Ndabezitha‘s face (38), a petrol attendant who works at the BP Quarry Service Station in Pietermaritzburg who was publicly humiliated by a client.

Wiseman Ndabezitha was fooled by a rude and had poured R210 worth of petrol into the tank after the customer had asked him to. However, the customer then turns and said he‘d asked him to pour “two ten” rand notes of petrol, amounting to R20. The customer drove off leaving a shocked Ndabezitha behind.

Trending on Twitter #R210ForWiseman has gathered momentum in a bid to restore dignity and pride to a brother.

Wiseman who also supports his pensioner mother and three children all while building a house revealed that his employer Wayne Smith stepped in to cover the R210 to avoid a loss at the time.

He only completed grade 10 as he came from a poor background, and his elder siblings did not have stable incomes.

“I wished I could have finished school, but I couldn’t because I had to find a job to help out at home.”

The 38-year-old said when the incident happened, he was shocked.

“I wasn’t expecting it because I didn’t know he meant R20, I know ‘two ten’ as R210. I had no money on me that day and thought I’d have to speak to my colleagues or else my boss was going to deduct it from my salary.”

Ndabezitha said the customer came back the following day to pay the rest of the amount.

Fuel attendend Wiseman Video

The client filmed the whole situation in a bid to embarrass Wiseman on social media, however this turned out to be a blessing as caring South Africans covered up the embarrassment and donate R210 or more amounts to him.

Wiseman’s job was spared in the ordeal as confirmed by social activist and corporate attorney Tumi Sole who spoke to Wiseman and provided his banking details.

Wiseman’s Bank Details

Bank: Nedbank
Account no: 1169324568
Current account

Speaking to iReport SA News, Wiseman Siphamandla Ndabezitha revealed that the #R210ForWiseman campaign has gathered R14000 so far. Wiseman could not believe how South Africans changed his life just in a moment when people mocked him.

“I cannot believe what the people of South Africa have done for me, they have helped me when someone made fun of my and nearly costed my job, I am filled with so much gratitude”

South Africans comment on Wiseman humiliation
I can understand recording it , maybe to cover his back incase it escalates but sharing it on social media proves that he had ill intent , its was not a matter of misunderstanding

He knew exactly what he was doing hence the video… To enjoy humiliating somebody unprovoked like this is beyond me

Why do people like humiliating others? What do they gain after doing that? This is sad to watch bathong

This… this is is disgusting, he honestly thought what he was doing was funny, went through the trouble of taking a recording and uploading the video . Smh,people are so mean, unprovoked nogale.

This person is so mean. He is making it as if Wiseman is in a wrong. The joke is on him. I hope he sees the love that Wiseman is receiving and see how pathetic his actions are.

This is some disgusting sick joke that’s going around cause some customer did the exact same thing to me at work and I didn’t take the 2 R10’s ,I called my supervisor he ended up paying and tried laughing it off,I didn’t

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