Allegedly Sneziey and her grandmother have a tokoloshes


It never rains but pours for Idols season 15 finalist, Snenhlanhla Sneziey Msomi.


The vivacious star has weathered various storms in her short music career, including being accused of nasty and hurtful allegations.


During her tenure on Idols, rumours were rife about Sneziey being severely unkind to fellow contestants at the time, Viggy and Virginia Qwabe.

Allegedly, Sneziey was bullying the twins and went as far as likening them to men (regarding their looks). This kind of treatment caused a reaction from the twins, who allegedly forged a physical altercation.


This was Sneziey’s first taste of drama in her bubbling music career. Through social media and City Press, Sneziey defended her name as she simply denied bullying the twins.

Just as the drama was drying up, the 25-year-old has been hit with another scandal and this time it involves her grandmother in Durban.

According to Daily Sun, Sneziey, together with her granny, have been accused of owning Tokoloshes.


Sneziey told the publication that she found out about these rumours on social media but being a warrior that she is, she’s defending herself…yet again.

“Me and my gogo (grandmother) are not evil. I don’t have a Tokoloshe and my Gogo doesn’t own one. I’m a praying woman, Dumi Mkokstad(Gospel singer) and Jumbo can attest to this because they taught me how to pray.”


Sneziey also stated that as a public figure, she was ready for the insults but what has irked her the most is that her grandmother is now being dragged into the drama.

“I wish my mother was still alive so she can speak on my behalf. I’ve decided to fight my battles without involving my gogo or any of my family members. This is because I’m the one who entered Idols. Therefore I’m going to fight on my own.”

The Idols finalist is deeply affected by the latest drama surrounding her, however, her PR and booking agent, Kim Coppen, has been her source of comfort.

“This is cyberbullying and in this competition it’s quite common, however this year it was more brutal than other years.”

Although Sneziey still enjoys a good amount of loyal fans, some have been giving her a hard time.

“I just hope I don’t get killed at the airport because people have shown me nothing but hate.”

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