13 Beautiful Lesbian wedding images that will give you all the feels during Women’s month

Love is love.

While any time of year is the ideal opportunity to celebrate love, August marks women’s month and we’re honoring the occasion with some genuinely inspiring and tear-jerking Lesbian wedding pictures that are positively overflowing with love. And we promise – these super stunning snapshots will hit you straight in the feels.

We may still now have long way to go in marriage equality, however there’s no denying that we also have serious strides. A victory for love, lesbian weddings are currently legally perceived in 30 nations and territories. The Netherlands was the first to switch things around, passing a law for same sex marriage in 2001, and the other nations follow to authorize same sex marriage in its historic Supreme Court governing.

Getting married is obviously one passionate and celebratory affair – yet to have the option to get married to the love of your life after being denied the option to do as such? Presently that is a whole different kind of celebration, bringing a new meaning to the monumental milestone. And for each and every photo from the Lesbian weddings below, there’s no missing that exact feeling etched across every couple’s face. As these couples show, at the end of the big day, we’re no difference: Two individuals committing their love and support for the rest of their lives together. Lesbian weddings are basically only weddings, after all.

“It seems like anything that isn’t a ‘traditional’ wedding is imperfect, but the truth is that love is perfect even if it’s different than what you’re used to.”

From jubilant depictions of love and laughter to the more tender moments and the sweet feelings of pride, these lesbian wedding images are filled with such palpable emotion you’ll be reaching for the Kleenex. Bring on the happy tears – because these 13 couples prove that love is love.

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