It was never Jacob Zuma

Social media has been trending about Jacob Zuma #ItWasNeverJacobZuma and opinions have been as divided as it is about lockdown and government at the moment.

The ANC and the EFF has removed Jacob Zuma and stated that corruption has now also been removed.The opinions publically range from how the ANC and EFF hated him and therefore blamed him for everything that was linked to being corrupt.

Others hate him and call him the face of ANC corruption.People always bring up the Gupta name when thinking of ubaba Zuma.

Love him or hate him,ex president Jacob Zuma will always be remembered for his funny comments and way he went about doing things.

People still argue that despite the allegations against him there was less poverty and more people actually watched the address of the nation as opposed to now.

What is your opinion,would he have made different decisions regarding lockdown and would we be able to forgive him if found guilty?

See tweets reactions below:

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