1 shot dead on a car hijacking in Sandton

Nkululeko Mbense (32) shot dead by the car hijackers in Sandton. It is reported that when Ntuthuko was by the robot the hijackers attacked him on his car. He was told to get the hell out of the car. According to the witness they said Ntuthuko refused to get off the car which led to the hijackers to shot him dead. They shot him dead and left him lying next to his car.

People in the area said the hijackers were unable to take the car after shooting Ntuthuko due to the police who came from nowhere just in the middle of their hijacking mission. They then had no other choice beside to speed off the scene area.

Paramedics were called in the scene area but on their arrival they declaid Ntuthuko dead. His lovely wife Nqobile Mbense (27) revealed that Ntuthuko was a businessman he had been getting death threat from some of his competitors in the industry of sales. The wife seemed less believing that the killers were after the car as he suggest that Nkululeko had been killed purposefully by people who had been planning to kill him all along.

The mother of the deceased Nomathamsanqa Ndlovu (67) said she is saddened by the loss of her only son had alive. The mother revealed that all her children died when their were young but Ntuthuko was the only hope which she was left with. She was crying none stop. People praised her saying she is a strong woman. They referring to that she had been able to speak about his child so soon after his death. In most cases mothers fail to speak of the deceased as soon as he had been lost. They need time to heal then from there they can talk about the deceased.

Police spokesperson in the area constable Shantel Nandoo said the case of murder had been opened and the investigation is in task. She said they are aware of the suspension leveled by her wife and said they will look to that as they proceed with the investigation.

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