The surprising uses of Vicks vaporub

We are all familiar with Vicks most of us grow up with it.

What is vicks ? What is the healing properties of Vicks? What is the benefits of vicks.

So I will try to answer all these questions in my article maybe you will find a new way to use vicks that you did not know about.

Vicks vaporub is a formula which contains a blend of special oils to create the soothing effect that vicks gives us. Vicks contains camphor oil and eucalyptus oil and many more.

The oils that is inside the formula is key in the healing properties of vicks. Which gives immediate relieve for a stuffy nose.

The benefits of vicks? You can use it for the following problems,

1.For sore muscles you can rub it on the effected area.

2.For a stuffy nose.

3.For fungus under the toenails.

4.For a closed up chest you can steam yourself so that your chest can open up.

5.If you coughing you can apply it to your chest and your feet,cover your feet with socks.

6.It can help with cracked heels.

7.If your ears ache you can put some vicks on small pieces of cotton then put it in your ears for some relieve.

There is probably more benefits of vicks on there but I’m only naming a few.

It’s surprising how one product can have so many uses.

I hope you found this insight full.

8.If you suffering from cold sores you can put some vicks on it.

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