“I was paid R55 million to go public with my Covid-19 status”, – AKA

Famous Musician Kienan Forbes commonly known by his stage name “AKA” had been confirmed positive for the test of Coronavirus. An official statement came out in the early mornings today.

AKA shared on his Twitter account that he has tested positive for Novel Corona. He posted a statement from the World Health Organisation (WHO). He had also expressed how sad he feels.

AKA then later tweeted that the World Health Organisation (WHO) paid him a large sum of R55 million for him to announce his covid 19 results in the eyes of the public.

“Ok, sigh … I can’t keep it up any longer … it’s true … I have been paid …. 55 MILLION RAND to go public with my status by the WHO. Broken heart”, he said

He also continued to advised every citizen to take this Pandemic disaster very serious because it’s there. He also expressed how he feels about the whole situation

We are still yet to know if it is true that the World Health Organisation (WHO) really paid him money so he can go public with his covid 19 results

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