Blade Nzimande warns students against downloading pornographic content

Higher Education and Science Innovation Minister Blade Nzimande has warned learners against watching pornographic content as he believes it could lead to their failure to graduate.

Nzimande was speaking to the media about Covid-19 measures being implemented by tertiary institutions.

Nzimande expressed gratitude to institutions which have been able to provide laptops loaded with free data during the pandemic. Nzimande says universities are in the process of negotiating deals to have students provided with free data for content which is not zero rated.

Blade Nzimande says he has received positive feedback from other institutions and he urged network operators to speed up the provision of bundles to students.

He expressed concern over the abuse of the university and network operators initiatives by students who download what he termed undesirable content.

“I’m also unhappy with reports i received where students are using the data bundles for private use such as downloading movies and even more disturbing, undesirable content. I just want to emphasize this data must be used or dedicated online education platforms for teaching and learning as approved by your institution.”

Nzimande warned students that they should change their behavior from downloading undesirable content if they want to graduate. He said the more they download undesirable content is the further they go away from graduating.

“Everyone must know the more you spend data for movies and other undesirable content, the further away you are from wearing your graduation gown,” the minister said.

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