AKA and Sizwe Twar Beef Come’s To an End

Just when we thought we had seen all there was to see in the AKA VS Sizwe Dhlomo Twitter beef – some tweets added fuel to the flames the during the week
The grown men Twar Beef come’s to an end on Saturday, the two have iron out all the issues just to clear up everything

The drama started when AKA went on a Twitter rant about Reebok allegedly not paying him a “single cent” from the sales of his SneAKA collection. The company is adamant that it fulfilled its contractual obligations as per their deal.

“It was always a dream of mine to have my own sneaker. I guess that’s why I took a sh***y deal in exchange of doing something for the culture,” AKA tweeted last week.

AKA Apologize to Sizwe Dhlomo and whole family for his offending tweets and also admit it was reckless and stupidity of him.

“I would like to apologize not to just the entire Dhlomo family but also the friends and comrades offended by my tweets last week. After educating myself properly about the sacrifices made by Sizwe’s grandfather and others close to him, I realize how reckless and stupid that was.”

“Myself & @SizweDhlomo have ironed out all our issues and from here on out … we straight. We realized we go too far back for things to be this way. Doesn’t mean we won’t disagree from time to time but that’s how it’s gonna be.”

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