Opera News SA is accused of Hiring mostly Zimbabweans as a result South African creators are Blocked


Opera news is hiring mostly zimbabwean nationals at its head office in Cape Town and as a result most South African creators are blocked so that they can not get more clicks, since is mainly paying through how many people read your work.

The problem with our fellow neighbors is (hate) is not like South Africans hate them is how they conduct themselves once in positions of authority they show lot of hate towards SA’ns, you can ask anyone how is it like to have esp a Zimbabwean senior at work.

This has escalated to the situation where you are no longer getting paid for the clicks you garnered with some of the excuses being that if the reader has not spent a certain time on your article such clicks does not count, and thats the opposite of their.

Terms which states that if the reader does not spent say a few minutes on your article you don’t get a click, but here they are denying the clicks that are already displaying on your creators library. And chances are that all these is done by the SA admins.

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