Zwelinzima Vavi Says He Used Umhlonyane To Defeat Coronavirus

The SA Federation of Trade Unions (Saftu) leader Zwelinzima Vavi who tested positive for coronavirus last month revealed that he used traditional medicine as part of his treatment.

He wrote on his Twitter page that: “Myself and last born did our second test this afternoon! Crossing fingers but confident! If we test positive still it would only mean that the virus has taken longer to die! Will tell you of the results! Doing my best to de-stigmatize #COVID.

But today, Vavi wrote Mntakatata! There is no vaccine or cure for this enemy! I was asked to go home isolate, rest and let the body fight! But then I used every supplement to boost immune system so that body fights! From ukufutha to using traditional methods to protecting the body from catching flue. He was responding to Mzwanele.

Manyi who has written: “Whilst we are awaiting vaccine, washing hands, social distancing, wearing masks and boosting our immune system, you were dealing with coronavirus head-on. Do you mind sharing what exactly you did to beat this virus. Some of us may have missed out.”

Vavi added that “Traditional herbs have healed our people for hundreds of years! Use them”

“Traditional herbs have been used by our people for hundreds of years well before the existence of pharmacists! I used everything – from this in the pic to what is on offer in the pharm”Order Jola!!! Ngumhlonyane lo hayi umya!!! Kodwa ke nayo uyibetha uyokulala ngecala i asthma,”

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