Covid-19: SA Government Will Help Madagascar With Research Into Indigenous Plant


South African (SA) government will help Madagascar with scientific research into whether an indigenous plant can “cure” Covid-19, or not as they were asked today.

Health minister Dr Zweli Mkhize has said on Wednesday that the country received a request from the government of Madagascar and that it was willing to help with scientific research.

“We actually did get a call from the government of Madagascar asking us to help with research,” said Mkhize.

SA government will help with research. Mkhize said that they were asked to help investigate the scientific basis on which such a drug could be used.

The herb in question is African Wormwood (Artemisia Asteracae), known for clearing the respiratory tract.

This is a popular herb used locally and called “Umhlonyane” in isiZulu, and “Lengana” in Sesotho and Setswana.

Health Minister said the request was made by the country’s foreign affairs minister.

“And there had been a call from the president and we then said our scientific research institutions will be willing to support an analysis on that matter,” Mkhize said.

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