South African medical student dies in Cuba

Eastern cape family is expected to meet goverment officails for the repatriate of their child Sibusiso Qongqo died after a short illness on wednesday in Havana, Cuba. The medical student remainings will only be repatriated after Lockdown.

Sibusiso Nqonqo was in 5th year studiying Medicine in Cuba, Qongqo was admited in hospital a week ago saturday, he was diagnosed with cube pancreatic. Qongqo died four days later in hospital and due to global pandemic and complete grounding of all airlines remains will have to stay a bit longer in Cuba.

Our heart go out to his family, particulary because at this very very deficult time, his parents cannot come or to carry his body home. He ether has to buried here(Cuba) or cremated so that once airline start moving again the ramains of his body can be taken back to South Africa, so we are waiting for his parents to guide us on what will need to be done” – Thaninga Shope-Linney

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