EFF admits Apartheid was better


Julias Malema from EFF admits to SABC news that Apartheid was better than ANC rule. Which can only mean that our current situation is South Africa is worse than a crime of humanity.

Public healthcare services were better during apartheid than they are now under the ANC government, EFF leader Julius Malema claimed on Monday.

Malema was referring to what he called a “national health crisis”, which, he said, the EFF is planning to expose.

He explained how a functioning clinic in Limpopo, built during apartheid, was closed down by the current government.

“The EFF in my ward, marched day in and out to demand that that clinic must be opened and then when we say to you apartheid was better than these people, you think we are exaggerating.

“We are speaking to the practical things that we see. Here is a clinic under apartheid, functioning, democracy comes, the clinic has collapsed… Now they are playing gambling (sic).”

The EFF plenum that was held over the weekend declared 2018 the year of public healthcare. Malema added that while he loved Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi, it was his view that the minister was responsible for the Life Esidimeni tragedy.

He cautioned journalists against falling for the health minister’s “charm”.

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