Malambane Distance Himself From Rapist Robert Kanyita

Malambane who is allegedly real name is Robert Kanyiti has caused the social community bubble after he blocked a lady who reportedly revealed him of hoe he continuously rape his 11 years old sister.

The news went viral on Twitter and many took turn to demand his fall even when some of the social media users didnt know his axact story.

The young lady who revealed Robert kanyita alleged rape story said his mother’s name is Rebecca while his sister’s name actual here is Doti.

According to the lady,Robert is currently living in South Africa Pretoria with his gangster friends and working closely with 3 well known celebrities and some politicians to harras and ruin other celebrities lives.

All this doesn’t add up since UMalambane has never hide his Identity, he is a Zulu from KZN, Durban.

Malambane Elected as President Of Black Twitter CIC

On Monday 20th of April UMalambane was elected as the president of Black Twitter CIC by members of Twitter taking over from Advovo. He selected his 10 members of cabinet that he will be working with.

Deputy President

Minister of International relations & Foreign Affairs

minister of health and fitness

Minister of gender equality

Minister of groove

Minister of small businesses and agriculture

minister of spiritual growth, faith and motivation

Minister of Twerkathons

New public protector

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