Sjava Fans Rejoice At CT Jazz Fest Postponement

We have been poking fun at Coronavirus ever since it made its way into Mzansi, Lasizwe did the funniest skits and Black Twitter had their masks and preventative measures ready.

Well, Cory V, as the disease is affectionately known is not playing around and local and international event organisers have been postponing and canceling events to minimises the masses’ exposure to the outbreak.

The latest event to be put on ice is the Cape Town Jazz Festival. In a lengthy Twitter thread the iconic event which was set to take place in a few days time informed the public that it had been put on hold until further notice.

Early this month the event organisers had removed Sjava from the artist line up after Lady Zamar’s rape allegations surfaced. Sjava’s fans have been salty ever since so they took the announcement as an opportunity to drag the event.

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