Watch: Madala Show Younger Folks How To Snatch A Girl eDance Floor on Pay Day


– A madala has gone viral for his dancing skills with young girl

– Video footage revealed the elderly man dance moves while young girl joined him in the dance floor

– South Africans were blown away and said he could easily rival most youngsters

South Africans seem to come alive more than usual during Pay day on a Fridays.

It seems it’s not just the youngsters who enjoy the partying atmosphere during this time of the month.

A video has recently gone viral as it showcases the dancing ability of an elderly man with a young girl in one of the township tarven.

The madala displays some funny moves to a dance song, while young girl joined him in the dance floor.

IReport SA News noted that the video was shared via Social Media by many users and has already been viewed more than 25 000 times.

Most of the responses were funny and social media users claimed the madala would show up some of the younger folks how to snatch a girl e dance club😉

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