Watch: SA Hip Hop Artist Duncan Proposal Gets Rejected in Public

KZN rapper Sphamandla Mbabo, better known as Duncan Skuva, kicked off his year on a sad note.

Rapper Duncan proposed today and the girl said No.

He was accompanied by the likes of DJ Tira, DJ Cndo, Thee Lagecy, Joocy and others.

Just after announcing tomorrow he will be dropping a single titled “Isthandwa Sami Sakudala featuring Thee Lagecy”

On the video that was shared on social media DJ Tira was happy and appreciating what is Duncan doing while they are walking at the Mall(Gateway Shopping Center) “Ngiyayithanda lento oyenzayo boy wenza ubudoda” DJ Tira.

Duncan was nervous but Thee Lagecy sing just to uplift him and to calm him down the nerves.

Fewer moments later it’s all went down as the proposal was rejected in Public.

See below:

iReport South Africa News think this was a Marketing Strategy since tomorrow he is releasing a new song, this was a plan for him to trend and up his sales. If it was True DJ Tira was not going to post the video on Instagram since this was a sensitive issue and a close friend. 


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In 2017 Duncan was attacked on Twitter and Facebook after he he wrote on Facebook: “White girls want love & marriage on the other side black girls want savanna,weaves & VVIP TICKETS.


He also tweeted that black girls were mainly after money for petrol.

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