KwaShuku Secondary School Principal demands R200 from parents to get Stationary

This is Mr Thwala Principle of KwaShuku Secondary School from Mpumalanga, Commondale, eMkhondo Municipality(Piet Retief). Principal (Mr Thwala) and his wife they treat workers like trash.

1. They demand R200 from school kids as a donation. For stationary, if they don’t pay they are not receiving any stationary unless you buy it for them.

2. they is a company called Vuka at commondale that provide school food parcels as Christmas gifts of which wife of the principal didn’t give workers.

3. They threatened to not renew contract to food handlers if they not cleaning the classrooms which is not their job they hired for. They take all the food  of commondale childrens if remained as theirs and take it back home.

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