Emtee’s Beef With Daniel Mavern Proves To Be Far From Over

Emtee’s Beef With Daniel Mavern Proves To Be Far From Over. It is now a third year since Emtee and musician who is also a tweleb Daniel Marven started beefing. Few days to the year they prove that they could never see eye to eye.

This past weekend Daniel took to Twitter to revive his beef with Emtee by criticizing his neck tattoo. The tattoo is of a VW Polo symbol and resembles the one Prince Kaybee has on his neck. Daniel called it “Peer pressure” tagging both artists which clarified his aim to provoke both musicians.

“Adolescence yaPrince Kaybee is on another level soon he will do a VW tattoo. Mara jolang,” wrote Mavern ending off with laughing emojis.

He also called them out to explain their tattoos, Boys @PrinceKaybee_SA and @emteethehustla_ come tell us what the meaning of this tattoo, or na le dronkega.”

Emtee didn’t come on as strong as one would’ve expected but he did give him a piece of his mind. “ke tlao roga onyele but it’s 2020. I hope all your dreams come true,” replied The Hustla. Ke tlao roga onyele translate to “I will insult until you sh*t yourself.”

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