Homemade plane project creators die in Tanzania crash

Officials have confirmed that the two South Africans on board the light plane that crashed in western Tanzania on Saturday were killed in the incident.

“The plane, which was owned by a South African organisation known as U-Dream Global, was destroyed by fire after the crash. Only the engine and some parts of the plane were recovered,” said Sikonge district commissioner Peres Magiri in an interview with ITV.

“The pilot and passenger, both South African citizens, were killed in the plane crash that occurred shortly after takeoff from Tabora airport at around 7:30 am,” added Magiri.

It’s understood the plane belonging to tourism company U Dream Global was en route to Malawi.

Werner’s 17-year-old daughter was the founder of the U Dream Global project that saw 20 teenagers build the four-seater Sling in 10 days.

Rescue officials could only retrieve the aircraft’s engine and some parts as the plane caught fire shortly after the crash.

Simon Manda from U Dream Global said Werner and Froneman were an adult team supporting the young pilots.

“Unfortunately, their plane didn’t get to Cairo, it went to Addis Ababa and it was grounded. The teenagers then continued from Addis Ababa all the way to Cairo by themselves,” he said.

Manda said the teens then made their way back to Malawi and waited for the adult team, which was supposed to also make its way there from Tanzania.

“One of the support planes, which was piloted by Des Werner and Froneman, had an accident and unfortunately they lost their lives”.

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