Mpesu capsules give men a lift quickly and easily

MANY Venda men are no longer using the bark of the mpesu tree (also known as violet tree or krinkhout) in its natural form for a sexual boost, as it has now become available in capsules.


This innovation is the brainchild of Thiko Liphadzi (37) from Thohoyandou who is the presenter of a farming programme at the SABC’s community radio station Phala Phala FM.

Liphadzi, who currently lives in Polokwane, said when the bark of the mpesu tree is used, it takes three days to prepare before a person could use it.


“Now my capsules cut this time short. You just have to swallow the capsules with water and they start working within half an hour,” he explained.


He added that his capsules worked exactly the same as other popular sexual enhancement products.


“Mpesu capsules can be used by any man over the age of 18 years who has sexual problems, or who just wants to improve his sexual performance. There are no side effects and the correct dosage to be used is included in the packaging information,” he said.


Liphadzi began making his capsules at the end of 2013. “Processing the bark into powder, filling the capsules and doing the branding needs energy and time,” he explained.


He said he had special rooms, both at his home in Polokwane and his family home in Thohoyandou, for processing the mpesu bark.


“It was not easy for my wife to understand what I was doing, but now she is happy and helps me to see to it that the business runs smoothly. It is a family business,” he said.


“As far as marketing is concerned, there are a few pharmacies in Limpopo that are selling my products, but I prefer using individual agents in order to create jobs. The challenge is that men are too shy to admit they want to buy the product when it is presented to them. They will rather phone you when you are already far away,” he said.


He said he would be presenting his idea to the Medical Council of South Africa shortly.


Limpopo Traditional Healers Association leader, Mbulaheni Neluvhola, said he supported the traditional way of preparing mpesu.


He said the former Venda homeland was rich in mpesu. He cautioned young men from using mpesu because “they could end up raping”.


“The traditional mpesu concoction was approved of by the University of Pretoria 10 years ago, but people with sexual problems must first consult traditional healers, who will prescribe it to them. Before drinking the concoction, a man is first given some traditional medicine that cleans the bladder.


“Three days later, I give them mageu mixed with mpesu.


“If I tell men to take two spoons, they must strictly adhere to my instructions. If they exceed the prescription, they could end up being aroused for two days or longer, and this is not healthy,” he explained.

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